Let’s put a smile on our faces….


As summer – or what little we have had of it these last few stormy months, weather and business wise – draws to a close, ironic the sun comes out now! We cannot help but feel a little bit flat for the ‘back to school’ feeling (even that is easier said than done given the news) and gearing up for the last quarter of the year.

So let’s try to put on a smile this month to provide a brief respite from this crazy world we’re living in at the moment. Those of you for the first time seeing your kids off to school, senior school, university and/or the work place, how exciting and scary it is at the same time. So much anticipation and hope for their futures, I am sure.

In other news around the world. On a key topic about the climate and wildlife, in July, Columbia reported a significant downturn in deforestation rates, for the most part in response to a renewed peace effort led by President Gustavo Petro. The Columbian government was able to announce an incredible 29% decline countrywide – a terrific achievement that will hopefully continue to grow. Meanwhile, in Bhutan, major interventions have paid off as tigers, which were on the brink of extinction, have seen their population grow by 29% – another sign of positive actions producing key productive results.

Although the football may not have come home this month, the Lionesses are still able to celebrate a tremendous success in smashing records in viewing figures as they took to the stage for the World Cup Final. With 14.8m viewers watching on Sunday, it is clear that the tide has indeed turned for the better for Women’s Football and sports in general.

And finally, after 11 years of diligent service for the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Reqs (not Rej all be it I have been around a long time also!) the black Labrador is retiring. It has been an excellent career spanning across almost 500 incidents and now, Reqs is able to ‘put his paws up’ and enjoy his retirement!

We hope you have a positive final few months in 2023 despite the prevailing economic and social headwinds. In the meantime, we here at ABPM remain on hand to assist you as you seek advice about the next step in your career or building out your team to be fit for your needs through both permanent and interim hires across Finance & IT depts.

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Rej Abraham